Transaction Support (Due Diligence)

Contzé & Partners has a long experience in assisting entrepreneurs, private equity firms and informal investors regarding the transaction support and due diligence investigations, including:

Preparing the company to be ready for sale

Crucial in the sale of a business or a transfer within the family, is the timing; strategically , financially but also tax wise. A sales process needs a solid base, which with unfavourable parameters can often take a number of years. Objectives should be formulated and developed. It might even not be desirable to go for the highest possible selling price, if continuity especially within the family is required.

Pre Deal Support

The Due diligence should have its focus on identifying the risks and opportunities of the target company. The research should focus on those aspects that are deal and price determining. We conduct an investigation specifically within the context of the established transaction, the Letter of Intent and the buy-sell agreement. We also have a strong focus on the management of the target company. It is they who have been visually dominant and probably should remain to be so in the future too.

Post Deal Support

Once a deal is established it is necessary to determine whether the transaction has met with the expectations and objectives. That may contain personal or HR goals, marketing objectives, but also the financial synergy.If the objectives are not realized, it is advisable to determine the cause. Firstly, in order to try to realize them with a change in strategy and implementation of additional measures, on the other hand in order to intervene if realization of the objectives appear to be unfeasible.An acquisition is aimed at creating challenges and opportunities and should not be a bourdon for the company.

Dataroom assistance

If you want to sell the company it is of the utmost importance that the buyer receives information that is clear, consistent and reliable. If the opposite is the case it will be used against you and may result in unnecessary, in most cases, price adjustments, not to mention the failure of the transaction. Contzé & Partners is able to assist you in this regard.Dataroom Support can be provided physically on location or digitally.