Forensics Accounting

Do you have suspicions of (tax)fraud? Are you looking for an experienced forensic accountant?

The forensic accountants of Contze & Partners are trained to detect the facts that led to the fraud, tracing the damage, and helping you to document the financial side of a legal process in a transparent way.

We can advise you or your client in order to reduce the risk of recurrence and change the organization in such a way that signs of fraud will lead to appropriate action in an early stage. Prevention is better than to cure. The forensic accounting practice is focused on three aspects namely: The prevention of potential fraud, the determination of the extent of the fraud and the prevention of recurrence of fraud.

Detect and prevent recurrence

If determined that the organization has run a risk or actually the presumption of fraud is present then we can assist you in determining the nature and magnitude of the harm involved. It is in your interest that we work with the utmost care and professionalism and only involve experienced forensic accountants.

The fact that fraud has occurred can not be undone. That does not mean that you and your organization can learn from the opportunity offered by the fraudster, as apparently he or she has found a way to come to his act . In consultation with you, we propose an action plan to prevent fraud and ensure that this is implemented. In short, we analyze your organization discreetly by taking account of the legal aspects and consequences.